Test Equipment

While many product final tests will determine that the unit functions correctly under a specified set of conditions there may still be items missing or not connected that come into play only when the conditions change, very often these can only be tested in-process. Presuming that these are correct and in place can result in failures in the field which could have the effect of simply the odd return to a catastrophic serious recall. The correct test strategy can avoid this & generally this involves the inclusion of some in-process tests.

Elektrotek supplies a range of test equipment that addresses a lot of these test situations and will always be glad to offer advice in this area.

Test Hardware

[IMAGE] Analyst FCS

Checksum is a leading supplier of low-cost in-circuit test solutions to the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry.


[IMAGE] 6tl Modular Functional Test Platform

6tl Engineering provide a modular functional test platform that is configurable as a small standalone unit, or a full multi-resource system. Control programs can be created using a spreadsheet application, Labview from NI, Basic or C++.



For over 30 years WEETECH GmbH has been supplying test systems for cables, backplanes as well as electric and electronic functional subassemblies.


[IMAGE] Marvintest's SPST Relays

Marvintest specialises in the design and manufacture of PXI and PC-based test equipment including test instrumentation, instrumentation controllers and chassis, test development software.


[IMAGE] H+W Test Products

H+W Test Products, Inc., is the largest independently owned test fixture kit manufacturer in the world. Test fixture kits for most major Automated Test Equipment (ATE) testers are available from stock, ready for same day shipments worldwide.

H+W Test Products World Headquarters is located in Seekonk, Massachusetts. They are ready to answer any questions you may have on H+W fixture products, send you product literature and tell you "What's new".


[IMAGE] DiagnoSYS ScanPoint-DT

Diagnosys is an established global company with the sole aim of providing electronic test solutions and sercices worldwide.



Test Programming

Custom Test Equip

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