Welcome to Elektrotek

Elektrotek was set up in 1983 to manufacture control equipment and provide services to a list of customers from quite diverse industries.

Elektrotek has wide experience in the application of modern technology and design techniques to give an efficient and cost effective soultion to client requirements.


Test Fixtures


One of the initial problems with a test project is to get an estimate of the test fixture cost, too much specification required etc.

To address this we have developed a simple fixture with a few useful features, in addition we have a fixed pricing structure for customisation of the fixture.



Test Equipment

Production test equipment should be viewed not so much as an additional cost but as a means of making significant savings in product costs. Firstly manufacturing costs can be reduced by appropriate in-process tests that reduce problems in what are often fully assembled units that subsequently need dis-assembly for repair. This rework usually has to be undertaken by skilled personnel who understand the product operation, and depending on the complexity and techniques used may consume a lot of valuable time finding a problem that can often be screened with the appropriate test equipment.


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