While Elektrotek is a small company, it has access to a full range of design resources both internal and external, that can be applied in a quick and flexible manner to give a fast response to most enquires. From an initial contact and discussion of requirements, we can give a quick estimate of cost and time scale, thus enabling our customers to reach a quick decision regarding a project's directions and feasibility.


Electronic/Electrical Design

[IMAGE] Electronic/Electrical Design

Elektrotek provides circuit design and schematic generation for products ranging from simple relay boards to complex microprocessor and RF boards.


PCB Layout

[IMAGE] PCB Layout

The CAD system used is Power PCB We have a facility whereby the PCB designer's computer screen can be linked to the customer's PC via the net, this provides live interaction between the PCB designer and design engineer such that the design can proceed as if they were sitting in front of the same screen.


Mechanical Design

[IMAGE] Mechanical Design

2D designs we do in house, more complex 3D drawings and rendering we subcontract out to a design company that we have a long association with. The finished design can be delivered with a viewer so that it can be reviewed without having to have access to the appropriate CAD package.


Firmware/Software Development

[IMAGE] Firmware/Software Development

Again some projects are done in house and some are done using subcontractors. The primary contractor used is Ardlee Ltd. who have wide experience in the development of software and firmware ranging from business process applications to product or machine controls.

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